On Saturday, August 12, 2022, the associations Phonegate Alert, Robin des toits and ECERI challenged, before the competent administrative court, the modalities of the public consultation as well as the opinion and the report of ANSES (French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety) on 5G.

After the response of ANSES on July 6, 2022 to our informal appeal sent last April 13 to the Agency, the latter has explicitly refused to grant our requests.

We have therefore entrusted Maître Lisa Arazi, lawyer at the Paris bar, to represent us in this joint action against ANSES.


14 contributions classified as “outside the consultation process”


We therefore request, on the one hand, that ANSES publish, respond to and take into account the comments formulated in the framework of the public consultation as it did for some of them, and on the other hand, integrate them, if necessary, into the said report and opinion consolidated on February 17, 2022.


The scientific and technical information brought to the attention of ANSES in the context of this public consultation (ours and those of 11 other participants* in the same situation) seems to us, however, likely to result in more prudent future public positions on the potential health risks of 5G.


Screenshot of ANSES comments not published

ANSES is required by law to publish a summary of the comments received, whether or not it then retains them. As the Agency has published in extenso and replied to some of them, it seems justified to us that it should do so for all of the comments.


Support our legal action!


Knowing the importance of public opinion on this health issue related to the development of 5G, we count on your support to help finance the legal fees by participating in our upcoming campaign (details soon be communicated).

By acting together with us, you too can demand from ANSES a respectful and transparent scientific analysis!

* The contribution of the American organization Environmental Health Trust has still not been taken into account.

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