Following the announcement by the National Frequencies Agency (ANFR) on Thursday 5 April 2018, of the withdrawal by way of exchange by the mobile telephony operator Orange of 90,000 mobile phones of the “Hapi 30” model manufactured by Mobiwire, it is now the turn of four new smartphones exceeding the 2 W/kg Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) threshold for the trunk to have to ensure compliance.
In a first press release published on the ANFR website on Tuesday 29 May 2018, the Agency announced the withdrawal from the market of the NEFFOS X1 TP902 phone imported by TP-Link France and stated: “The measurements revealed that the regulatory limit of 2 W/kg (Watt per kilogram) had been exceeded by 0.52 W/kg, i.e. with a value of 2.52 W/kg on the rear of the telephone”.
In a second press release appearing the same day, ANFR announced having requested the updating of three phones of the brands Alcatel PIXI 4-6 », Echo Star Plus and Huawei Honor 8.
Téléphone Alcatel PIXI 4-6’’ (Constructeur : TCL)

Valeur initiale Valeur après mise à jour
Version du système 01001 01005
DAS « tronc » mesuré 2,04 W/kg 1,58 W/kg

Téléphone Echo Star Plus (Constructeur : Modelabs Mobiles)

Valeur initiale Valeur après mise à jour
Version du système V01_20170630 V02_20180307
DAS « tronc » mesuré 2,05 W/kg 1,41 W/kg

Téléphone Huawei Honor 8

Valeur initiale Valeur après mise à jour
Version du système FRD-L09C432B131 FRD-L09C432B394
DAS « tronc » mesuré 2,11 W/kg 1,45 W/kg

This is therefore another significant step forward in the action we have been taking for almost two years on this public health issue. However, and as Dr. Marc Arazi, President of “Phonegate Alert” immediately recalled during the interview given by the journalist Jean-Jacques Bourdin on the 6 April morning show on RMC radio: “Millions of mobile phones are concerned in France, tens of millions in Europe, hundreds of millions internationally”.
In fact, before the change in the European regulations in April 2016, a large number of mobile phones tested by ANFR in contact with the body had greater health risks and the judgment by ANFR that they are “compliant” is highly questionable.
Of the 443 mobile phones tested between 2012 and 2017, only 273 were tested at 0mm from the skin. 206 of the 273 tested at 0mm exceed the regulatory threshold of 2W/kg. Of the 129 tested at 0mm and 5mm, 19 exceed at 5mm the 2W/kg threshold and 33 at 0mm the 4W/kg threshold.
In the coming days, we will take new initiatives to get the public authorities and the Minister of State, Minister for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition, Mr. Nicholas Hulot, the Minister for Solidarity and Health, Mrs. Agnès Buzyn and the Minister of Economy and Finance, Mr. Bruno Le Maire, to speed up not only the establishment of compliance but also the provision of essential information for users and recommendations for the proper use of mobile phones, especially for children.

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