Health is our most precious asset!

Help us protect the health of those you love!

The Phonegate Alert organization has already made it possible through its actions to:

  • make public tests of more than 450 mobile phones indicating which models and brands exceed the regulatory exposure thresholds that the National Frequency Agency (ANFR) wanted to keep secret.
  • obtain the withdrawal of the first mobile phones from the French market, through free exchange for users, as well as updates for five other mobile phones.
  • raise awareness of the public health issues surrounding the Phonegate scandal among international scientific bodies, by testifying in the United States before the U.S. Federal Health Agency of the National Toxicology Program in March 2018, or by writing to the President of the FCC to request an urgent change in the regulations governing the marketing of Phonegate in the United States;
  • to bring together in an international committee, reference scientists on this subject, and to bring us closer to associations of independent scientists, as well as civil society organizations.
  • launch a first wave of national alert and mobilization to warn citizens of the dangers of keeping their mobile phones in contact with their bodies.

What will the money collected be used for?

  • 5000 € to set up the means of reception and support linked to requests for help and advice from mobile phone users and sick people,
  • 3000 € to animate via our social networks a community space to better inform, protect and so that the people concerned can share their ideas and difficulties.
  • 12,000 € to launch a targeted campaign to alert and raise awareness among children and young people about the correct use of mobile phones

but also to be able to expand our interventions:

  • 5000 € to finance the travel of teams both nationally and internationally to various scientific meetings, symposia and conferences on the health issues of mobile telephony
  • 2500 € to set up information and training tools for parents, teachers and health professionals
  • 7500 € to organise an annual event around the industrial and health challenges of Phonegate

Make a donation

If you would like to support Alerte Phonegate to help us protect the health of mobile phone users and especially children by making a donation, regardless of the amount, it is not only possible but very simple. You can make a donation from home, from your office, our secure donation form is accessible at any time on your computer. All you have to do is fill in the secure form:

  • Everyone participates in the amount they want,
  • Payments are secured,
  • In France, your donation to the association reduces your taxes, whether you are a taxable individual or a company (*). Your tax receipt is sent by email after making your donation;


(*) Individuals
Income tax reduction:
Donations are eligible for a tax reduction equal to 66% of the amount paid, up to a maximum of 20% of disposable income. For example, a donation of €50 entitles you to a tax reduction of €33, a donation of €100 to a reduction of €66, etc. When the amount of the donations exceeds the 20% limit of taxable income, the excess is carried forward to the following five years and entitles you to the tax reduction under the same conditions, except in special cases.

Companies :
Tax reduction of 60% of the donation up to a limit of 5 per 1000 of the turnover.

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