Selection of French books about the “Phonegate” scandal

On this page, you will find a selection made by our association, of books in French language which speak about the health scandal of the “Phonegate”. Thus, in a few months, six books have been published about this scandal and the work of our association to launch the alert. This section will be updated regularly, according to the publications to come. So don’t hesitate to let us know about a work that would have escaped our vigilance.

The descriptions of the books are those made by their publishers.

PHONEGATE, All overexposed, all deceived, all endangered by our cell phones, written by Dr Marc Arazi, published by Massot Editions

RELEASE NOVEMBER 12, 2020 (410 pages, 20,90€)

The scandal finally revealed for the first time in the world. There are more than 5 billion phone users in the world and many of us keep them at our fingertips. And this from a very young age! Some even sleep with it.

You have been lied to for years: YOUR CELL PHONE IS DANGEROUS.

Few know that the manufacturers of our beloved smartphones have knowingly overexposed us to waves, well beyond the safety standards. Worse, some of them have faked the test results with software, as in the case of dieselgate. This scandal has a name: PHONEGATE.

A vast epic that began in 2016, with the help of courageous women and men – doctors, lawyers, politicians, scientists, friends and simple volunteers who fought alongside Marc Arazi to get the truth out. After reading the book, you will want to change your habits and especially those of your children. A few simple steps can protect your health and that of your loved ones. You will also understand why a moratorium is needed before any 5G deployment. We cannot trust the cell phone industry!

THE ALERT HAS BEEN LAUNCHED: Become an actor of change by spreading this message.

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5G mon amour, Enquête sur la face cachée des réseaux mobiles, written by journalist Nicolas Bérard, published by “Le passager clandestin” and “L’âge de faire”

RELEASE IN MAY 2020 (256 pages, 14€)

France has more SIM cards in circulation than inhabitants, and tomorrow, with the arrival of 5G, all everyday objects will be connected. Cars will be autonomous. Communicating homes. Smart” cities.

But are we really sure that the all-out use of electromagnetic waves does not present any risk? Absolutely not, answers Nicolas Bérard at the end of an investigation on the other side of this “technological miracle”.

How and by whom were the standards, which are supposed to protect us, put in place? What are the links between telephone operators, media and governments? What are the effects of this technology on human health and life?

At the dawn of the development of a new mass pollution, these questions are never asked in the public debate.

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The black book of the waves, under the direction of Pr. Dominique Belpomme, published by Editions Marco Pietteur

RELEASED JANUARY 2021 (416 pages, 30€)


Pr. Dominique BELPOMME (Oncologist) – Pr. Olivier CACHARD (International lawyer) Jean HUSS (Council of Europe, Luxembourg) – Philippe IRIGARAY (Dr. ès Sciences) – Me François LAFFORGUE (Lawyer) – Pr. Gérard LEDOIGT (Biologist) – Pierre LE RUZ (Dr. ès Sciences, international expert), Pr. André VANDER VORST (Physicist, Belgium).

The dangers of wireless technologies and how to protect yourself from them.

This internationally validated collective scientific expertise puts an end to the controversies that have shaken our societies about the danger of electromagnetic waves.

First of all, it is addressed to all, first of all to the sick, i.e. those suffering from electro-hypersensitivity, or cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, nervous system or heart diseases, or even infertility, for which a harmful effect of electromagnetic waves has been demonstrated, so that they take the necessary precautions; but it is also addressed to healthy people so that they protect themselves and their children and grandchildren from the impacts of waves from cell phones, DECT, Wifi, …. and the 5G!

Secondly, because it was produced by doctors and scientists recognized worldwide for the quality of their research, and based on the criteria of causality recommended by the WHO, this report provides the first proof that many of our illnesses and health problems are indeed partly caused by the waves that surround us, and that these waves alter the flora and fauna of our environment, thus contributing to an irremediable loss of biodiversity. ….

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5G: Mauvaises ondes, written by the journalist Antoine Dreyfus, published by Massot Editions

RELEASED JANUARY 2021 (272 pages, 19,50€)

One of the first objective surveys on the subject

The arrival of 5G, the new telecommunications standard, raises many questions. There are the anti’s: fears for health, resource depletion, programmed obsolescence, spying, dependence on China. But also the pro-5G: creation of 22 million jobs worldwide, five times higher speeds, major technological innovation, growth lever for many sectors …

In France, operators (Orange, Free Mobile, SFR and Bouygues Telecom) will be able to open a 5G network as early as 2025, but already, pilot cities, such as Marseille, Lyon and Nice, are leading the way.

Is what is being said about 5G a fear of change, conspiracy theories or truths that are being kept from us? Apart from the industry, what will 5G bring to consumers and citizens?

Here is an objective and documented survey that provides an update on this fifth generation mobile network. Well beyond the case of France, the journalist shows that 5G poses geopolitical challenges today – the US-China trade war -, that it relies on powerful lobbying; and well on the scale of the individual, 5G must encourage us to reflect on the model of society we want for tomorrow.

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Waves, 5G and our health, protecting ourselves from their effects and from digital addiction (Exuvie editions), author Florence Rolando

New edition May 2021

4G and WiFi are ubiquitous and 5G is coming soon. What are the risks and dangers of being exposed to electro-magnetic waves? And the children? But above all, what do the studies say? And, finally, how to protect yourself effectively? Florence Rolando asked herself all these questions during her four years of research on electro-magnetic waves based on scientific studies.
She wanted to share the fruit of her discoveries about electro-magnetic waves in a family book, illustrated and accessible to all, so that everyone can make an informed choice about the devices they use every day at the time of the 5G: cell phone, tablet, computer, connected objects, etc…

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Le monde de la 5G : la démocratie en péril, author Denis Bourgeois, éditions Yves Michel (to be released on September 9, 2021)

Book prefaced by Pierre-Marie Théveniaud, for the association Robin des Toits

The intention of Denis Bourgeois’ book is to draw attention to the danger of a set of new technologies and in particular 5G to our democracy. It is an edifying alert to the overpowering nature of industrialists and political powers, who have embarked on the adventure of being fully connected without any real public consultation, and who, according to the author, if we do not become aware of it, are tipping over into what could become a dictatorship of the 21st century.

The remarkably written book launches a salutary reflection on the sociological and political stakes of 5G. It is complementary on many points with the books of Nicolas Bérard (5G, mon amour) and Dr Marc Arazi (Phonegate).

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