ANSES Report 5G

In April 2021, ANSES opened a public consultation following the publication of its report on health issues related to the deployment of 5G. Our NGOs submitted their contributions in the required form and time, at the end of June 2021.

We learn today, during the meeting of restitution of the final report, organized by ANSES and the Director General of the scientific expertise group that none of our contributions have been taken into account by the study group.

Our NGO signatories are outraged by such an arbitrary process. What could be more effective than to dismiss any contradiction that would call into question the initial conclusions aimed at reassuring the population and elected officials about the health consequences of exposure to 5G.

Moreover, the working methods used do not respect the scientific rigor that one is entitled to expect from a national health agency.

Financed by public funds, ANSES, by acting in this way, betrays its public service mission of prevention and protection of the health of our fellow citizens.

We do not intend to accept such a parody of consultation. We call upon the responsible Ministries of ANSES to rectify without delay such serious failures.

Paris, February 17, 2022

Report of expertise Robin des toits/Phonegate Alert

ECERI Report

Criirem Report

 For the signatory associations:

Dr. Marc ARAZI, PHONEGATE Alert, President

Jacqueline COLLARD, SERA ASEF, President

Catherine GOUHIER, CRIIREM, President

Dr. Philippe IRIGARAY, ECERI, Scientific Director and General Delegate

Patrice GOYAUD, Robin des Toits, Secretary



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