In an article published yesterday on the site, the journalist Camille Suard revisited the announcements of ANFR with regard to the withdrawal and recall of the Neffos X1 of the Chinese manufacturer TP-Link as well as the updating of the Alcatel PIXI 4-6 (2.4 W/kg, then 1.58 W/kg after the update), the TCL Echo Star Plus (2.01 W/kg, then 1.41 W/kg) and the Honor 8 (2.11 W/kg, then 1.45 W/kg) for exceeding the regulatory thresholds of exposure to the body.
Concerning the damage to the image of the manufacturers, we fully agree with the journalist: “The Honor 8  (2.11 W/kg then 1.45 W/kg)… is a very popular smartphone that has allowed the affiliate Huawei to establish a sound reputation of good value for money.  Even if the problem can be corrected directly by the user through installing the latest update of the phone, such disclosures are never good news for the image of the brand.”  
We note that to date, none of the four manufacturers has made the least public comment on the overexposure of its customers, users of phones exceeding the regulatory thresholds protecting their health and safety.
Our advice to owners of these phones:
– keep all proof of purchase and use (phone bill, operator bill)
– within the framework of the exchange, do not sign anything without asking for advice (do not hesitate to send the documents via Email to the Phonegate Alert team)
These phones are also sold in many other countries, and for now, the European authorities remain silent on the matter.  We will keep you informed of our team’s progress on this subject.

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