We would like to thank and congratulate the European Alliance Stop5G and its main facilitator, Maurizio Martucci, for the success of this scientific conference held in Roma on November 5, 2019 at the Italian Chamber of Deputies. In front of a packed room, scientists, health professionals, representatives of organizations, lawyers and politicians took turns to warn about the health risks of mobile telephony, especially in the context of the development of 5G and ask the Italian and European public authorities to act to protect users and obtain a moratorium before any deployment.

Dr Marc Arazi warned the Italian authorities about the Phonegate industrial and health scandal, asking them to take action to remove mobile phones from the Italian market that pose a potential risk to users’ health and to inform them through awareness campaigns and changes in usage.

Wath the video (Dr. Arazi presentation is available at 2:32:51in French translated in italian)

See his slides presentation (English)

Presentation Italy Nov 5

The conference in pictures (Photo credits Lucio Russo and Miraggiodilux)


*Article updated on Novembre 7 and 10,2019

At the invitation of the Italian Alliance Stop 5G and the European Alliance Stop5G and its main animator, Maurizio Martucci, we will be present on Tuesday November 5, 2019 in Rome to participate in this international conference which will be held at the Italian Chamber of Deputies. Our President, Dr. Marc Arazi, will speak to the ongoing international, industrial and health scandal of the Phonegate and warn of the disloyalty of mobile phone manufacturers who have overexposed all mobile phone users well beyond levels that pose a risk to our health and safety. This new case will be ten times more important than the dieselgate scandal (Volkswagen case).

National moratorium, 5G between health risks and the precautionary principle (10.00-13.00h)

International conference at the Chamber of Deputies (Hall of the Palace of Parliamentary Groups, Via di Campo Marzio, 78)

Speakers of the day

  • Pr. Olle Johansson (Scientist, formerly Karolinska Institut, Sweden)
  • Dr. Marc Arazi (doctor, President of PhoneGate Alert NGO, France)
  • Dr. Patrizia Gentilini (oncologist, ISDE Italy)
  • Dr. Annie J Sasco (Scientist, Epidemiologist, former IARC)
  • Stefano Bertone (Attorney, Ambrosio&Commodo, Italy)
  • Maurizio Martucci (Italian Alliance Stop 5G, European Alliance Stop5G)

Other stakeholders

  • Sara Cunial, Veronica Giannone, Matteo Dall’Osso,
  • Saverio De Bonis, Andrea de Bertoldi, William De Vecchis.



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